Meddle 2.4


Avery steps out into the morning with a sigh, and her HUD implants turn themselves on as she scans the crowd. The city block is busy at this time of day; a crowd of a dozen or so are waiting at the crosswalk, lines of personal transport pods whizzing past, splitting off and merging seemlessly at the intersection.

Faces turn green in Avery’s display. Across the way, a person getting into a transport flashes orange. The pod speeds off, and she blinks a snapshot of the moment and sends it to Time Management for investigation.

She blinks again as she joins the crew crossing the light. A map of her sector of the city zooms into view. A green arrow at the sector’s center points north. As she moves so does the arrow.

As she reaches the corner walkspace, a red ping four blocks away, west by southwest, draws her attention. Details pour into her vision, and she has to blink them away before she gets trampled. She acknowledges the mission parameters with a swipe.of her gaze and turns around. She waits to cross the same street again.


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