Meddle 2.7


Buildings fade from modern, photovoltaic-plastered efficiency into an older section once called Industrial Way. The natural brick facades still hold the idea of manufacturing, but the area was deemed residential decades ago. Pedestrian traffic was king, and Avery merged with the flow, following the crowd into the district’s center: the Bazaar.

A wide city block opens up around a hub of builder bots, large friendly-faced machines with molecular printing capabilities built into their chests. The bots sit on their shiny metal asses, their arms and legs extended and used as tables and racks for today’s selection of wares. Avery passes a bot selling shoes, another selling electronics, and more than one selling fourth deminsional graphic t
-shirts – GIFs made of fabric. A giraffe’s tongue lolls from a short sleeved v-neck.

She scans the crowd. It’s a sea of green with hints of yellow bobbing here and there. One yellow form steps into a building on the west end of the bazaar. The sign above the door reads White Foods Only. She blinks an image for her reports.

12min20 flashes in the lower right-hand corner of her vision.



Time to kill.

There’s a woman waving flyers at passers-by, and from the way they move in the wind, they appear to be made from actual paper. The recipients can barely believe their eyes.

“Vote no on Prop 3215,” the woman says as Avery approaches and takes a flyer.

“What is Prop- oh?” Avery passes. ” It’s smoother than I thought it would be.”

The woman nods, “It is wonderous material. Very rare. Have you ever held a book?”

Avery laughs, “No. I couldn’t afford it.”

The woman smirks, “Funny what gets turned into precious goods. At one point in time not so long ago, literature was as much a tactile experience as it is nourishment for the mind.”

“I see.” Avery folded the paper in half, mesmerized by the material properties.

“If the reps pushing prop 3215 have anything to say about it, you will never find another book again.” As she speaks, the woman’s face reddens. “Can you believe they want to restrict the sale of any good produced before then turn of this century? It is ridiculous! ‘Inferior products’ my behind!”



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