Meddle 2.10



“…and well, they are trying to suppress history. It’s just that simple. They are trying to make us forget that we mere humans were once capable of fending for ourselves. Without the machines!”

Over the woman’s shoulder, a red face appears.

Target lock.

“Are you a Luddite?” Avery asks the woman bluntly.

Scoff. “I ascribe to no labels,” the woman said. “I am Nonbinary.”


The target’s file unloads across Avery’s field of view. She blinks away the irrelevant information, making note of the highlights.

  • Name: Drory Dunkin-Gurtrine
  • Father: Park John Gurtrine, of the Saddle Bay Gurtrines.
  • Grandmother: Dennalu Foyombo, of the Wonsuko Foyombos.
  • Known affiliation: Xacher Guild.
  • Cause of death: Suicide

Drory is pacing a five meter stretch of sidewalk near the outskirts of the Bazaar. Pods race past on the only active track in this zone.


Two human-shaped figures appear from the opposite end of the bazaar. Avery cannot get a lock on them; in her eyes, they are shadows, and they are moving quickly.

She blinks an update.

A door in the alley behind the Luddite swings open. A man and woman step into view.

Woldorph and Holmes, she notes. They shine with blue nimbuses.

She makes eye contact and nods toward the shadowy figures which have already halved the distance toward Drory.


“Excuse me,” she tells the Luddite, and walks toward Drory.

“Excuse me? Oh!” The Luddite gasped at the abrupt departure.

Blue chasing black, catching up with tackles. Smoky shapes writhe on the ground, whisps of appendages lash out to attach the assailants.

A crowd forms around the ruckus. Avery has eyes on Drory.


Drory’s attention has been taken by the scuffle. The muted shouts from the shadows against the perfectly audible grunts and curses from the Historians.

For Avery, Drory begins flashing in red. High alert. She’s 3 meters out.


Pods speed by behind Drory, but he doesn’t notice. Nor does he see Avery’s approach. He is completely unaware of the danger as Avery makes contact, arms extended for the push.


The pod that hits him will later be decommissioned, it’s profile claiming failure to yield, but there’s no way it could have predicted Drory Dunkin-Gurtrine’s flying directly in its path.



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