Meddle 3.6


Xe blinks an image of the scene from across the street – Redon bleeding out, his assailant disappearing into the shadows of the alley. The timer in Xe’s HUD is already counting down.


Xe lifts a finger like a maestro, and a grey SUV rolls by. Xe is up and crossing the street.


Xe blinks several images on the way to the alley. At Redon’s body, Xe crouches, careful to stay out of his blood, and snaps an image of his face. His eyes are still open. The questions are still on his lips.

“It wasn’t in vain,” Xe tells the corpse. “It always is and always shall be.”

Xe rolls the body over and then sticks two fingers in Redon’s back pocket, fishimg out his wallet.

“Thank you,” Xe says. “For everything, thank you.”

With eyes closed, Xe mouths a small prayer.


Xe stands and brushes off. Out of the alley and crossing the street, Xe taps the wallet with a knuckle.


Xe inconspicuosly drops the wallet onto the asphalt and kicks it into a storm drain before resuming the spot on the bench.


Someone screams. The body has been discovered.

Xe takes one long blink, a deep breath, centering.

Xe’s eyes open. Redon’s body and blood are gone. A blonde’s hair whips into her face. A child in a red shirt sneezes. An old lady asks for a ticket to see Jason Borne.


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