Meddle 3.10


On the other side of the portal, Deel is trying to make sense of what he is seeing.

“One. Two. Three!”

Two medics wearing blue scrubs and white facemasks move a body from a gurney to a table.

The room is empty save the table and an over-hanging lamp contraption, complete with display monitor.

The medic at the body’s head lays hands on its shoulders. The other medic turns to the display and begins tapping.

“Wait, is that…”

Deel can’t believe his eyes. The face of the body, the woman, is none other than Rose Somethingorother.

“Clear,” the medic at the display calls.

“Stand back,” Avery warns Deel.

The orderly at Rose’s shoulders presses gloved hands down, securing her in place. The other taps the display, and the screen flares blue.

Rose’s body jerks.

She begins to breathe.


Categories: Fiction, Meddle

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