On Fire – plotting 1

I’m tired of keeping my notes in a notebook.

  1. Ryan talking to the doc
  2. Ryan meeting Traeger, his boss, for the first time
  3. Ryan at the institution, taken to his room after meeting the doc.
  4. Getting a sense for his roommate’s conspiracy theory brain through a secret note stuffed into his bedding – don’t take the triangle pill (illuminati)
  5. Putting on his institution uniform / putting on a suit that fits after his first paycheck
  6. Making his bed / his new apartment
  7. Falling asleep while he waits for someone to tell him where he’s supposed to be
  8. Dream 1 – cuts of late hours and late drinks and a blonde woman smiling, “I love you, dummy” with a laugh, and a flash of her lying dead in the middle of the street

  1. Awake with a start. Snoring roommate in eery halogen lighting from the parking lot. The moon is half full
  2. In the hallway, confusion with so many doors. He doesn’t remember which way, makes a guess
  3. More eery lighting, passing door after door, the buzz of every third overhead leading to an oasis nurse’s station with Shirley reading a Stephen King novel – Firestarter
  4. Their conversation, he takes his pills, and she teases him about not showing up for group last night. He didn’t know. No one said. They do that, she says.
  5. She feeds him his missed dinner. Meatloaf sandwich to go with his drugs. He doesn’t know how he’ll manage to get back to sleep, but the drugs are fast.
  6. On the way back to his room, creepier now that he’s dazed. Misses his door, there are more now. So may doors.
  7. Tina, his wife from he dream, calling to him from the end of the hall
  8. He goes to her. Tries. She’s farther and farther away u til she turns and disappears behind the corner. He picks up pace, calling for her
  9. Runs snack into a giant of a man in an orderly uniform.
  10. Brief exchange, the orderly shows him which door is Ryan’s

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