Just Do The Best You Can


Little turquoise egg on a broad green leaf

What will you become when it’s finally season?

Will you emerge a bird or will you find that your a man?

Will you up and fly away or will you do the best you can?

Just do the best you can.

I see your shell is already cracked

And the veins of the leaf, well they’re pulsing

I won’t pretend to know just how you’ve attached yourself

This precarious natural thing

Are you even still in there

Hiding from the light, hiding from the world?

Or did you up and run away on your own to feet?

Did you fly away on fresh new wings?

Just do the best you can.

Maybe I’ve blown this all out of proportion

Maybe you’re much smaller than I think

Maybe you’re a bug and you got lost

On the other side of this wide, wide leaf

And that’s okay, you go and live your life

The way that you were meant to live it

I’m only here for emotional support,

so you can can take it or leave it

Just do the best you can.


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