No wonder I’m singing

She called me at work. It was 1am and she had to work the next morning, get up and get her son moving, get to school in time to grade the last of the final essays. She woke up from a happy dream she couldn’t remember and thought, “Hey, I’ll call Justin.” And she was just in time.

We were on the phone for less than five minutes when a cardinal flew by, swooping in to within an arm’s reach. I called it a sparrow as I reported it to her because I couldn’t think of the name, but it doesn’t matter. Cardinal, sparrow, whatever it was, zooming by at breakneck speed in the middle of a balmy / breezy night seemed odd. It flew past once, twice more before coming to settle on a branch about 20 paces away.

It isn’t something that happens every day.

I looked it up, because that’s what I do. Something happens, something odd with a dreamlike quality, and I start thinking about what it could mean. Especially now, talking with her as I do, how we’re falling into something that feels like a story someone wrote a thousand years ago. I look up “cardinal omen” and discover it to be an ancient messenger of Spirit. Strength and stability. Cardinals live out their days in their one territory, no matter the weather. They team up to raise their young. They show you the way home.

And, of course, it had me thinking about other birds and other portents floating about on the wind, and I realized that this very same day, as I stepped out onto my porch upon waking, there were two finches fluttering their wings in an attempt to flee the screened in area before I could settle. One flew out the way they came in (I leave the door open for Dagny the dog), but the other seemed convinced that flying through the screen was its only escape. Lucky there are two doors to my porch, and as soon as I propped open the second, my little avian pal found its way to freedom, and I went about my day thinking nothing of it.

Until that cardinal attempted its dive bombing, anyway.

Finches, as it turns out, are a sure sign of high energy and ebullient times to come! Of course, this information was gleaned from a superstitious source, but I’m feeling awfully superstitious lately, and the signs all point toward the good. Who am I to deny myself the pleasure of such a beautiful daydream?

There is something in the air both literally and figuratively for yours truly, my friends, and I’m excited to see what comes around the corner. I hope your day is going well. Keep an eye out for the unusual happenings.

PS- I looked up sparrows while I was at it. I couldn’t resist. How interesting that I would mistake my cardinal for the lustiest bird around…


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