The Luna Tics

If I had a band, I’d change the name every year. No one would be able to keep up. Every album would be a concept wrapped in an riddle shoved inside an enigma. Every hit would be singular. Ever interview, I’d wear a different color suit, but always the same tie. I’d say things like, “I’m not that person anymore,” when asked about previous incarnations.

I’d change the subject on a whim.

I’d be a horrible interview.

Timing Is Everything

A few months ago, I noticed something obvious for anyone paying attention: the moon waxes and wanes from right to left. Not an very seemingly important moment in my life. It was one of those, “Huh. Weird I hadn’t noticed that before,” sort of things. But it stuck with me for some reason. Every time I look at the moon now, I say (sometimes out loud), “The full moon’s on its way!” or “See you next time, moon!” depending on its fullness from right to left. I’m always awake at night, so I say these things quite a lot.

I’ve been setting daily goals for myself. For an entire week now. I didn’t achieve everything I set out to do, but I did about 743.94% (give or take) more than I usually do. I have seven consecutive days of winning under my belt. I even managed to snag a trophy for a surprise 5k I found myself running (walking) on Saturday. It’s crazy how that shit sneaks up on you.

It’s time for longer term goals. It’s time for a weekly goal. A goal of the month. Something to shoot for by the end of the season. Something target to hit by my next birthday.

And as all of this is happening, I’m having regular, prolonged chats with the moon. It’s up there right this minute, opening up to its fullest as I type this. It’s just about full. I can tell you this without looking at a lunar calendar. I’m in tune with that goddess. She’s been encouraging me to be a Sun for the last seven days. She’s patted me on the back and praised my rising and falling with purpose. She’s been quiet about her own steadiness. How she tracks time more slowly. How every day is a short birth and death, but 29.5 days, well, that’s a fucking cycle.

Moon Symbolism

Wisdom. Intuition. Reincarnation. Spiritual connection. Feminine energy.

Thoth is my preferred god of wisdom. Something about that bird-beaked, scale carrying Egyptian strikes the right chord for me. He was the scribe of the gods. He was “self-begotten.” “Self-produced.” All traits that I, the Ennegramatic Bohemian, aspire to in myself.

And he started as the moon god. Funny. I hadn’t realized this.

As intuition, La Luna is the One and the Only. She casts light in the darkness, sometimes making things plain as day while other times letting the shadows reign. I feel that. And that spiritual connection, too. That ethereal quality of a foggy night lit in shades of blue to black. Expecting to hear wolves howling. Expecting to see mist forming around souls drifting, unaware their bodies have decomposed. Unable to let go of this realm. The moon threatens at any moment to open a portal to some deeply hidden well of spirit. A doorway just sitting there, waiting to be noticed. Discovered.

But also reincarnation. To the life of a day, the moon seems immortal. Us conscious beings have time to breathe in the cycle of the moon. To understand our birth. To make a plan and move forward with it. To course correct and to reap the benefits. We have time to appreciate the movement of this heavenly body as she floats into and out of our field of vision.

And feminine energy. Fertility. Emotion. Menstruation. Thousands of years of farmers timing their harvest by her rise and fall. Heavenly gravity pulling and releasing us, the tides of our emotions ebbing and flowing, coming and going as they do. The menstrual cycle of sloughing off to make room for more. The man is in the moon. Or on her. But only briefly. We haven’t managed to posses her.

Moon Phases

These interpretations are gleaned from YogiApproved, EliteDaily, and Labyrinthos. With my own spin as it filters through my unconscious.

New Moon: A clean slate. The soil freshly tilled and weeded. Ready for planting. Eyes closed and opening.

Waxing Crescent: Eyes open. The time for planting. Groundwork laid. Goals set.

First Quarter Moon: Challenges met. Obstacles to overcome. Focus.

Waxing Gibbous: Refining. Editing. Coming to terms with what is possible and making adjustments. Narrowing of Focus. Honing of intention.

Full Moon: Emotions writ large. The goddess tempting you out into the night. Tempting you off course with her pull. Charge and electricity. A feral animal to keep caged. Flowers blooming. The harvest is ready if you can just make it past this one last hump of a day. Hold… Steady… Hold…..

Waning Gibbous: Gratitude. Enthusiasm. Small wins are starting to roll in. Maybe it’s just feeling like you’ve claimed a victory by making it this far without letting anything distract you. Celebrate. Thank those who’ve helped you succeed (I added a line item in my budget to support this week).

Third Quarter: Release. Forgiveness. Getting yourself ready for that clean slate. Beginning the process of releasing all of that pent-up anger. Those hurt feelings. Let it go. Whether you won or lost, another cycle’s just around the bend. Purge those grudges now. Against otgers. Against yourself. — All of this, yes, but I also equate it with cleaning my room before the start of a weekend.

Waxing Crescent: Surrender. You’ve done all you can do. Wrap up any last minute items on your list if you can. Lay the cycle to rest. Start thinking about next cycle’s goals. Get your affairs in order. Say goodnight, Gracie.

More on the Full Moon

In terms of goal-setting, we can go beyond one cycle of the moon to incorporate the Equinoxes and Solstices. The Three Month Cycles. I don’t remember where or when I read it, but it makes sense to me to use these phases in the metaphorical sense of sowing and reaping, planting and harvesting. It was hard not to use that agricultural sort of language when I was going through the list of phases – you’ll notice I failed completely. Truth be told, I didn’t even really try. It just makes sense to plant something and have the crop come to fruition 3 months later. Quarterly, if you like. Business like, so to speak. A daily goal becomes a monthly(ish) goal becomes a quarterly goal. Every third Full Moon, we should expect to see those goals really taking effect, adding extra weight to the rituals of Gratitude and Release found in the Waning moons. Additionally, the New Moon then becomes less of a clean slate and more of an established plateau as a way to center oneself before the next big push.

From here, I could probably extrapolate into using the entire calendar as a goal-setting system. Hell, I could read up on Astrology and get into which planet is where, when, and what that should mean for each type of goal to set. I wonder if it’s possible to strip astrology of it’s spirituality and instead use it as a pure scheduling technique to keep the wayward on track. Of course, now that I think about it, keeping the spiritualism in it might be the only way to get some people to follow through on their goals… Huh.

I’m sure people have probably thought all of this out at some point, but I haven’t run across it yet, so I’ll just let this engine run for a while yet. See what else it produces.


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