Lyrics to a Song I Haven’t Written | 2

this is rough around every single edge –

Let’s pretend I’m an old famous rockstar playing one of those VH1 Storyteller gigs. Before I start the song, or maybe when it’s just the opening chords I’m strumming over and over, I’ll tell you about the time I fell in love with a girl in a chatroom, and you’ll know it didn’t work out by the wistful tremor in my voice when I talk around her names.


I write you letters every day

even if you never read them

all the things I want to say

when I’m standing in your presence

I figure they’ll make good some-days

a daydream to amuse myself

until we get old and gray

or I need a grand gesture

I can’t promise everything will be perfect

but that’s not what you’re looking for

I can tell you that I’ll love you,

yeah, evermore

As of writing this one, I haven’t met you yet

You could be some hallucination I’m having

staring at a blank screen and talking to myself

I’ll come to meet you and find myself standing in

a room full up of funhouse mirrors

I’ll find a reflection looking most like you

I’ll still throw flowers at your feet and pretend

that magic does exist just like you said it did.

Who am I kidding, I know you’re real

nothing this good comes from within

It’s like we cast out into the great beyond

and reeled each other in

Now it’s time to see if reality

can hold a candle to how I feel when I’m safe and secure

Locked behind my walls made of glass except

those walls never existed from me to you.

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