8 Reasons to Buy a New Bed

One of the best things about selling mattresses? There’s no guesswork. If you walk into my mattress store, I know you are there to buy a bed. Not much else you can do, right? My job is to figure out why today and not yesterday or tomorrow, and if I can discover that emotional reason for shopping now, then you will probably fork over a few hundred dollars (at least). Even better? As unique as we are as individuals, our reasons for buying a new mattress can be boiled down to these 8 reasons:

1 – The Bed’s Just Old

By far, the most common reason to purchase a new mattress is the age of your current one. Maybe you’re rolling into the center of the mattress, or you and your partner are sleeping in your own valleys with a mountain between you. Where did those dark stains come from? Who knows how old that thing is, anyway? Find out if it’s time to replace it.  

2 – You’re Sore

Whether it’s your back, neck, shoulders, or hips, waking up in pain is absolutely the worst way to start your day. There are 6 types of soreness most common among the customers I’ve helped over the years. Here are some helpful tips on how to find the right type of mattress to get you waking up refreshed.  

3 – Size

What’s the difference between a Full and a Queen? Is a California King really bigger than an Eastern King? Is your bedroom even big enough for an upgrade? Check out The Mattress Size Chart for a full rundown. 

4 – Motion Issues 

Does your partner wake you up in the middle of the night when they roll over or get up? Motion transference is one of the most common complaints among couples sharing a bed, and there are entire product lines designed to alleviate this issue specifically. Find out more! 

5 – Temperature Issues

You want a mattress that cradles you. You want something that you can sink into. You want to sleep on a cloud. The problem? All of that extra plushness acts as insulation, storing your body heat around you and leaving you baking throughout the night. So, how do you get that soft, luxurious feel you love without baking alive? These are the products you’re looking for. 

6 – Comfort Preferences 

Is firm really better for your back? What makes a mattress firm or soft? Is it just the layers on top, or is it the support system itself that lets your body sink in? Check out The 5 Levels of Mattress Comfort to help you choose your perfect feel.

7 – Adjustability 

Sleeping with your head elevated has been shown to help alleviate some breathing issues (snoring, sleep apnea, etc). It can also help those who suffer from chronic acid reflux. Elevating your feet improves circulation and relieves lower back pain.  

There are several types of adjustable bases, all with their own unique features. This Adjustable Bed Guide will help you decide which best suits your needs.

8 – Early Adopters 

Can you afford to change your sleep set at the slightest sign of wear and tear? Do you believe in pampering yourself in absolute luxury? Maybe you’re the kind of person who loves owning the latest technology. You lease your car instead of buy. You’re always the first to try new products.  

You’re a leader, not a follower. 

 If so, check out this list of cutting edge mattress trends. Sleep like it’s 2029.  


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