The Mattress Size Chart




The most common children’s bed size.

Twin XL


The old “college dorm” size bed. It’s the same length as a Queen and King. It’s also exactly one half of a King bed. If you hear someone talking about a “Split King,” they’re talking about two of these mattresses side by side. 



53×75 – Once upon a time, when people were shorter and thinner, this was the common size for couples. Now, it’s been relegated to the guest room or the upgrade for spoiled kids.



The current standard for most master bedrooms. It’s the quintessential “adult’s” bed.



Need more elbow room? Got a giant dog or tiny cat who takes up half your sleeping space? This is the answer. At a full 16 inches wider than a Queen, you’ll wonder if you’re in the bed all alone until your partner starts snoring. This is also a great size for people who have issues with movement across the mattress. Don’t get bounced out of bed. Get a King instead.

California King


The Waterbed King. Shave four inches off a Standard (Eastern) King, and add it to length. If you’re 6’4 and above, your feet might not hang off quite as much. Only trouble with a Cal King? Limited options for sheets in brick and mortar stores.

Do I have room for an upgrade?

I’ve never been to your house, so I don’t know. Chances are, however, if you’re already scooting around your Queen size bed, then you won’t have room for a King. Then again, it is called a bed room, so if the bed takes up the entire space… Well… 

Buying a new frame? Make sure you get the right size! Want a new bed? Make sure it will fit! This mattress size chart gives you the dimensions of the most common sizes on the market. Remember: Size before you buy!

Okay okay, bad jokes aside, there’s really only one way to know for sure. Measure it out. You have the dimensions, so break out the tape measure and get to work!

Still unsure? Want to know what a different size will feel like in the space before you spend the money and set up delivery? Try this: Measure it all out, and then put some masking tape on the floor outlining the new dimensions. 

If you have more questions or suggestions, hit up that comment section.



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