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what it do?

hey. vacation was awesome. but then i got sick. i got better again, and now i’m working my way to something new. i’m going to be changing this blog again. i’m going to be adding things. i’m going to take some things away. i have ideas, and i want to

All Goals Go To Heaven (A Tale Of Necromancy)

(Listen to the audio instead) Once upon a time there lived a boy with a dream. In those early days, the dream burned brightly. It was all consuming. It was everything the boy could think about, and so he spent every waking moment making plans and setting goals, making sure

A Memory For Mother’s Day

My earliest memory is a three-way tie. I like to tell people that I remember being three or four, riding my tricycle down my driveway, trying to catch up with my brother and his friends. They’re in the street doing donuts, laughing and hollering, telling me to hurry up, but

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