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Inspiration vs Motivation

Wisdom of Crowds

Are we inspired to action or motivated to act? Do we feel one more than another? If I go to an Inspirational talk, will I get anything done? Are motivational posters worth the investment?

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The Luna Tics

If I had a band, I’d change the name every year. No one would be able to keep up. Every album would be a concept wrapped in an riddle shoved inside an enigma. Every hit would be singular. Ever interview, I’d wear a different color suit, but always the same tie. I’d say things like, “I’m not that person anymore,” when asked about previous incarnations.

I’d change the subject on a whim.

I’d be a horrible interview.

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Forests and Trees

I Listen to White Noise

More specifically, a video entitled 12 FANS for 12 HOURS. When I’m trying to sleep, or when I need to concentrate. I’m easily distracted by noise, and this helps me to clear my head. Call it a life hack, if you like. This noise drowns even the loudest of my inner voices. The only way to think with a head full of buzzing is to type/write as the thoughts present themselves.

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