Category: Fiction

from Agency 1

The neck of the first space bug snapped easily. I caught it off guard. Its muscles were tense and I was full of adrenaline. Its head spun a full three-sixty. The second little bastard had time to react, letting its body go slack as my hands wrapped around its small

from Ghostwriting – 1

I didn’t mean to quit my job. Just like I didn’t mean to move back into my parent’s guest room. Just like I didn’t mean to get a common-law divorce. Just like I didn’t mean to get her pregnant and throw my hands in the air after weeks of arguing

Scenes – Caroline 1

FADE IN: INT. CAROLINE’S TRAILER – NIGHT SERIES OF CLOSE UPS Gaudily framed family photos. Great-Granny. Grampa. Mom. Daughter. No father needed. A ripped signed Aerosmith poster tacked to the wall. A refrigerator covered in kindergarten art and holiday cards. A pink wall covered with crayon doodles. Dolphin tchotchkes littering

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