Before I start this new endeavor of mine, I thought I’d see just how pretentious I came across when ranting about spoilers. It occurred to me the only movie review I’ve ever done was for a ghostwriting gig some months back, and while I got 5 stars from the client, I’m fairly certain it was for a pass/fail college course. A “let’s make our students well rounded citizens, nobody’s really going to read this but we appreciate your effort” sort of thing. If I remember correctly, it was nothing short of putting together a simple little book report from grade school.


I’m going to review some stuff. Movies, TV, Books, and Podcasts. Probably not a standard reviewing process (because I don’t do anything in a standard way), but more like trying to capture the impression these things have made on my psyche. There’s a spoiler disclaimer for you if you’re curious, but it boils down to “I’m not responsible for your lack of media consumption.” Is that pretentious enough? I sure hope so.

Check back again as the weeks turn to months to years. I’m sure I’ll actually start hacking away at this sooner or later. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.