from Ghostwriting – 1

I didn’t mean to quit my job. Just like I didn’t mean to move back into my parent’s guest room. Just like I didn’t mean to get a common-law divorce. Just like I didn’t mean to get her pregnant and throw my hands in the air after weeks of arguing

Scenes – Caroline 1

FADE IN: INT. CAROLINE’S TRAILER – NIGHT SERIES OF CLOSE UPS Gaudily framed family photos. Great-Granny. Grampa. Mom. Daughter. No father needed. A ripped signed Aerosmith poster tacked to the wall. A refrigerator covered in kindergarten art and holiday cards. A pink wall covered with crayon doodles. Dolphin tchotchkes littering

A Memory For Mother’s Day

My earliest memory is a three-way tie. I like to tell people that I remember being three or four, riding my tricycle down my driveway, trying to catch up with my brother and his friends. They’re in the street doing donuts, laughing and hollering, telling me to hurry up, but

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