I know. It’s hard to believe that I live and work amongst regular people just like you. I know that you’ve always imagined me to be some sort of crazed hermit/agoraphobe, locked behind giant oak doors and petting my stuffed animals all named Maxwell (all of them). But I am here to dispel those rumors once and for all.

I live and work (read “work”) in Jacksonville, Florida. As an entrepreneur and normal, average person, I tend to frequent businesses looking for inspiration in the mundane lives of those I encounter. I amass notes and quotes and anecdotes, scribbling wildly into a spiral notebook, never glancing at the page, just holding intense and severe eye contact with the person who happens to be fascinating me in the moment.

I’ve decided to compile some of that data here. Sure, you can get your reviews straight off of yelp or google maps and the like. You’ll even see my logo floating around as a “trusted source” of information for businesses in the Jacksonville area. Unfortunately, part of being a trusted source of information does not include long-winded tales of how and why I came to be where I was when I was, which is often quite impactful to my general feeling of a place.

Of course, this is just another excuse to write. But you and I have come to an agreement, haven’t we? I write. You read. We influence one another to our mutual benefit.

If you would like to influence me in this endeavor, please use the contact form. Give me the business name and the general area of Jacksonville, Florida or it’s surrounding areas, and I will do my best to mosey on in, see what there is to see, and write it all down in my patented, hofflebrockian mode. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be a featured guest. Wouldn’t that be something?

Places so far…