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Just Do The Best You Can


Little turquoise egg on a broad green leaf

What will you become when it’s finally season?

Will you emerge a bird or will you find that your a man?

Will you up and fly away or will you do the best you can?

Just do the best you can.

I see your shell is already cracked

And the veins of the leaf, well they’re pulsing

I won’t pretend to know just how you’ve attached yourself

This precarious natural thing

Are you even still in there

Hiding from the light, hiding from the world?

Or did you up and run away on your own to feet?

Did you fly away on fresh new wings?

Just do the best you can.

Maybe I’ve blown this all out of proportion

Maybe you’re much smaller than I think

Maybe you’re a bug and you got lost

On the other side of this wide, wide leaf

And that’s okay, you go and live your life

The way that you were meant to live it

I’m only here for emotional support,

so you can can take it or leave it

Just do the best you can.


Through The Day


What did you say to me?

That I might not be

anything more than a fuzzy picture of things?

Why would you say that?

Why can’t you be cool?

I was just sittin here minding my own

what did I ever do to you?

If you tell me I never existed

what would that prove?

I’m about as lost as I can get

I got no need to follow you

I’m not lookin to answer no questions

not lookin to complicate

So please just hold your suggestions

while I try and make it through the day

What are you talkin bout?

I’m over my head?

Yeah, maybe I can’t see it, but my face looks like a book you read

Existence is suffering

and it’s not my fault

I’m just a product of my time,

you know it doesn’t even matter what I ever thought

And if I have to do this all again

in some cosmic roundabout

Why should I even bother trying to learn

from what I’m going through now?

I got so many questions that you can only complicate

So please just hold your suggestions

while I try and make it through the day.

Are you still talkin?

Well, slow your roll

It’s hard to hear you over your attempts at saving my soul

Listen, I really appreciate

what you’re trying to do

But I think what I need right now

is just some time to work it through

And if one morning when I wake up

I can finally see some light

We’ll get together, and I promise I’ll listen

I’ll deconstruct my plight

I got so many unanswered questions

a tendency to complicate

and I could really use some direction

somethin to help me make it through the day

Three Little Birds

Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds (cover)

Every Sunday for the last month or so, I’ve greeted the day by recording a song or three for a friend of mine. My goal is to woo her anew once a week, but it’s also just a nice way to start the day. I don’t know the song until the morning of, and the recordings are rough (like this one) and sometimes silly (also like this one).

Since I’ve been thinking of ways to structure my life, I think I’ll add this into the mix. This is what I do on Sundays now. Every Sunday. Neat, huh?

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